"She writes with the poetic economy of musicians like James McMurtry and Dolly Parton, and authors like Appalachia's Ron Rash, in that she can sketch in a story in a few words". 

Graham Reid

Elsewhere N.Z


"Not many artists have the imaginations of a Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. Or the creative lunacy of a John Prine, Randy Newman or Tom Waits. This is why many good musicians have short careers. It is not as easy to be consistent and creative as you may think. This is Americana music of the highest quality".  

John Apice

No Depression USA

"She's world class...she's exactly what we're about".  

Greg Johnson -The Blue Door - Oklahoma


"Real Lyrics. Real Themes. Real People".

Mike Jurkovic

Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange USA


"Donna's music holds it's own without the Hollywood style of glamour and glitz. flash and pop often found in contemporary popular country music from Nashville". 

Caroline Davies

Down In Eden Magazine, N.Z


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